Welcome to my blog! This is a small space designed specifically to give voice to the voiceless and shed light on abuse and injustice that is happening quietly in the dark corners of religious institutions. It is also a place to celebrate the movement forward as we progress in our journey to provide full justice for everyone within the church.  Please feel free to look around or use the “Search” function to find something in particular. Visit the About page to find out more or contact me. Thank you for visiting. Join us as we help others become #SavedFromTheSilence!


Name Change!

Hey everyone! In an effort to ensure both the privacy of the author and also promote inclusivity for additional survivors of spiritual abuse, there will be a name change and rebranding of our website and social media pages. I’m excited to announce we will be staying with our key motto: Saved From The Silence while …

Burn. It. Down.

I listened and watched for over twenty years as the people who said they were God’s mouthpieces spewed the “if you died today, do you know for sure you’d be in Heaven” sales-pitch, scare tactic, 123-repeat-after-me, manipulative, skeezy lines. I used to believe in the pious, creepy, condemnation and arrogance-laden, self-righteous shit shows solemnly (gleefully) …

Special Thanks

There is absolutely no way I could have escaped fundamentalism, let alone become a part of victim advocacy efforts, without the support and encouragement of my partner in life and love–Casey Pridgen. I love you to the moon and back, Bub.