Welcome to my blog! This is a small space designed specifically to give voice to the voiceless and shed light on abuse and injustice that is happening quietly in the dark corners of religious institutions. It is also a place to celebrate the movement forward as we progress in our journey to provide full justice for everyone within the church.  Please feel free to look around or use the “Search” function to find something in particular. Visit the About page to find out more or contact me. Thank you for visiting. Join us as we help others become #SavedFromTheSilence!


Free At Last

This guest post was written by Lyndall Cave. Born and raised in Australia and now a resident of Canada, she writes with passion about the chains of legalism that began to grip her heart at only fourteen years old. Listen as she shares her eight year journey through the darkness of spiritual abuse during her …

How I Walked Away From Independent Fundamental Baptists and Found Jesus

The following is a story shared by a survivor of spiritual abuse. She has courageously chosen to share her testimony, hoping it will help someone who has walked through a similar experience. If you are experiencing abuse, know that you are not alone and know that there is escape. I have found that, every single …

Special Thanks

There is absolutely no way I could have escaped fundamentalism, let alone become a part of victim advocacy efforts, without the support and encouragement of my partner in life and love–Casey Pridgen. I love you to the moon and back, Bub.