Welcome to my blog! This is a small space designed specifically to give voice to the voiceless and shed light on abuse and injustice that is happening quietly in the dark corners of religious institutions. It is also a place to celebrate the movement forward as we progress in our journey to provide full justice for everyone within the church.  Please feel free to look around or use the “Search” function to find something in particular. Visit the About page to find out more or contact me. Thank you for visiting. Join us as we help others become #SavedFromTheSilence!


Why Women Are Not Like Pie

“Lust” isn’t ultimately about sexuality, it’s about viewing another human being as an object for one’s own selfish use. It’s about dehumanizing another person and seeing them only as a prop in our own story.

Caged Birds

Thinking of those still trapped in toxic, patriarchal environments this morning. Shame on those who clip their wings. #savedfromthesilence

Special Thanks

There is absolutely no way I could have escaped fundamentalism, let alone become a part of victim advocacy efforts, without the support and encouragement of my partner in life and love–Casey Pridgen. I love you to the moon and back, Bub.