Let’s Talk About “Modesty”

Rarely has there been one topic that is so misunderstood, so twisted, and used like a weapon as often as the topic of “modesty”. The vast majority of the time (99.99999+%), modesty shaming and instruction is directed toward women and not toward men. I am linking here to two EXTREMELY helpful articles that I highly recommend. I left this comment on another blog recently, written by one of my inspirations for beginning this blog (thanks, Sierra!!). Since it’s almost 1AM and my mind is becoming muddled, I’ll just link to the original post and repost my comment here. In reply to a lady stating that she would not allow herself or her daughter to meet Jesus in “short skirts” or “spaghetti straps” and she expected church ladies to dress in such a way that “men don’t have to leave church”, I stated the following….

Enjoy 😀

Sierra, LOVE the article!! And excellent point about “modesty” in response to the first comment. Completely agree with your thoughts and would like to add…

#1 Men are not animals. If a women is naked, that does not mean you have to lust. You are an adult. You can and SHOULD control your thoughts. This type of thinking leads to rape culture. Women’s bodies are not inherently sinful or wrong. It does NOT matter what a women is wearing. I repeat: it does NOT and will NEVER matter what a women is wearing. If a man is going to sin against her in his heart, he will do it regardless of the clothing she is wearing. End of story. (See Sierra’s comment above re: women in other cultures who are frequently raped and abused, and yet covered head to toe.) This also goes for my personal experience in fundamentalism.

#2 Modesty is subjective. What you think is modest may not be what I think is modest. What one culture views as modest is not what another culture views as modest. It is ridiculous to label “spaghetti straps” as immodest for all women, simply because that is your personal view. I’ve included two EXCELLENT articles here that discuss this in depth:

#3 OF COURSE I would go to meet Jesus in spaghetti straps and shorts!! I would and DO meet with Jesus in a bikini. I meet with Him in the shower! I meet with Him in the clothes I wear to work! I meet with Him in my pajamas. He is ALWAYS with me. He created my body and He delights in me and my communion with Him. I have no shame in the presence of Christ. Nor should I. ❤



Original post here.

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