Why guilt trips are the real stumbling blocks


Reminder: shaming or sexualization of anyone, regardless of shape, size, or gender is never okay.

Imagine what could happen if all the energy the church spent policing other people’s behavior and/or dress was rather spent on sharing the unconditional love of God or focused inwardly, on our own personal attitude and actions. It continually blows my mind when folks think religion gives them a free pass to control or shame other people’s personal lives and choices.

I’m so tired of hearing the term “stumbling block” being used as a manipulative guilt trip toward people who believe or think differently. What it does NOT mean: refraining from an activity that could become a “sin” for someone else. Why? This could literally apply to *anything* *ever*.

Rather, we become a stumbling block when we attempt to pressure, cajole, or entice a fellow Christian into an activity we know that for them, is sinful or harmful. So, actually, people who are instructing you on what to do or not to do are stumbling blocks!! They are enticing you to live for the approval of people, rather than how God had personally worked on your heart. #mindexplosion

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