Official Statement Regarding Ezer Rising

Hello, community:

One of the greatest things we have all come to learn in our fight for Feminism, Egalitarianism, and other affiliated deconstruction topics, is the ability to fully and safely express ourselves, be true to who we are, and freely follow Jesus in the way He has convicted our hearts is absolutely integral to making a difference and living healthy, fundamentalism-free lives.

At this time we feel that our needs and individual callings do not align with Ezer Rising and its affiliated groups (Faith Focused Feminism, Open conversation, Christian Feminists and Egalitarians)
in ways that enable us to stay.

We would like to reiterate our gratefulness for our time in these communities. Our fellowship with you all has been such an immense blessing. Our decision was extremely difficult and one that was made with much prayer and introspection, and not without pain.

However, we have come to realize that we are unable to completely be ourselves and grow in very needed ways. There have been great hindrances when we desire to discuss or share our true convictions and leadings. As we have strong desires to fight for the marginalized, which requires ALL types of intersectionality, God has led us to the choice, with which we are fully at peace.

You all know our hearts! We have shared them often! And you also know where to find us. We would be grateful to continue being in community with you all.  We love and value you and hope to continue connecting. Please feel free to PM or send us a friend request anytime.

Much love,

Charissa, Tabi, Katie, Steve, and Melissa

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