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Hi! My name is Katie. The first thing you should know about me and about this site is that, regardless of political, religious, or ideological differences, you are welcome. I would say that this place is safe for you, but…it may not be. If you are here to critique, to criticize, or to disparage and hurt others…it is not safe. If you are here with a closed mind and with your beliefs and opinions clutched firmly to your chest, it is not a safe place. It will challenge and stretch you and that may be uncomfortable. However, if you come with an open heart, unclenched fist, and listening ear, you may just find this is a very safe refuge after all.

Secondly, this site was created because I have been instructed my entire life to keep quiet. To remain silent. When injustice occurred either to me or right in front of me, I have been told to shut up, stand down, and stop talking by those who were under the very mistaken impression that it is ever okay to silence the abused. Sadly, far more often than not, this behavior happened within the setting of a religious church or its affiliated ministries. Now, as I share my experiences and the experiences of men and women across the United States and around the world, I am simply giving a voice and reassuring hug to the countless others who have endured abuse and the shame and silence that comes with it.

Please know that I am a passionate Christian and an ardent believer. I love my church and the people of whom it is composed. But I also love my people who live outside of the church and who want nothing to do with it. Armed with degrees from both a secular university and a conservative religious college, I have viewed the world through other people’s spectra of belief and unbelief. Now, I encourage you…wherever you’re coming from, whatever you’re thinking…please do the same. To those who have been abused: listen to my voice and be encouraged. You are not alone. To those who are new to the conversation (like me): listen to my voice and join in. There is always room for more. And to those who are shaking their heads in disagreement: listen to my voice and hear this challenge–we will not stay silent anymore.